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The Cretaceous Period

The Cretaceous period is the last period where dinosaurs are the dominant life form.

Read about the Cretaceous period here. Cretaceous Period

Review the important plants and animals here. Important Plants and Animals of the Cretaceous

Use the reading to do the task.

Use the review on important plants and animals to match the correct description to the photo.

Science Reading, Science Tasks

Triassic and Jurassic Periods

The Triassic and Jurassic periods are the time of the dinosaurs.

Read about the Jurassic period here. Jurassic Period

Review the major creatures of this period and the Triassic Period. Important Plants and Animals of Jurassic and Triassic

Use the reading to complete the Jurassic Period task.

Use the chart of the major creatures to match the creature to its description.

Triassic Period:

Jurassic Period:

Science Reading, Science Tasks

Permian and Triassic Periods

Read about the Permian Period here. Permian Period

Do the task for the Permian Period.

Read about the Triassic Period here. The Triassic Period

Do the task for the Triassic Period.

Science Reading, Science Tasks

The Devonian and Carboniferous Periods

Read about the Permian Period here. Devonian Period

Do the two tasks.

Read about the Carboniferous Period here. Carboniferous Period

Do the two tasks.

Science Reading, Science Tasks

The Ordovician and Silurian Periods

At the end of the Cambrian period, there is a major extinction event. This is the first of several large extinction events in the history of life. Read about the extinction here. Ordovician Extinction

Summarize the causes of the extinction event.

Read about the Ordovician period that follows the Cambrian. Ordovician Period

Complete the task on the Ordovician period.

This form will give you a mark when you finish it. If you misspelled any word or use a different phrasing than what I entered as the correct answer, it will mark it wrong. As such, take the grade it gives you with a grain of salt. I look over each form and disregard any misspellings or different phrases.

Read about the Silurian period that follows the Ordovician. Silurian Period

Do the task on the Silurian period. The first five questions also relate to the Ordovician and you may want to review that information.

Practice naming the creatures from these periods.

Science Reading, Science Tasks

The Cambrian Explosion

The Cambrian Period is the first time in the history of life on Earth where there is an explosion of many different types of species.

1. Read about the Cambrian period first. Cambrian Explosion

2. Complete the task on the reading.

3. Practice naming the eons, eras, and periods we have covered so far. You may want to check back to the full chart in the reading called “Introduction to the History of Life”.

4. Practice naming some of the important species of the period.

5. Cambrian Adaptations

For each Cambrian creature, consider what adaptations it has to help it survive. Examples of adaptations include burrowing, hunting, developing a hard shell for protection, developing a skeleton to become bigger, developing a spinal column to swim better, developing eyes, developing many legs or jointed legs, or developing new types of mouths.

Name one adaptation for each organism.

Just for fun, here is an animation of some Cambrian creatures.

If the link doesn’t work just search “Anomalocaris – Sea Monster” in youtube and it should come up.

Science Tasks

Your Inner Fish

In this documentary, Neil Shubin shows how scientists use morphology (physical form), fossils, and DNA evidence to understand evolutionary relationships. He outlines how all of us have the remnants of an “inner fish”.

Do you have the remnants of gills in the form of an ear hole? Let us know in the comments section!

If the video link doesn’t work, simply search “Your Inner Fish” in youtube and it will come up as the first option.

Complete notes as you watch. There are three ways:

A pdf document: Your Inner Fish Notes

A word document: Your Inner Fish Notes

An online form: